Every day, more than 500 boys and girls stream through the City Campus Main Building, which was designed for 350 girls more than 50 years ago. In conjunction with a Master Site Plan, a commitment to meeting the demands of a growing student population, and sustainability goals, WT is renovating its most-used spaces on campus. In addition to reimagining the playgrounds, the athletics facilities and auditorium will receive well-earned upgrades. 

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Control_Booth-600x406Upgrading Falk Auditorium gives the WT community a true performing arts space. WT’s award-winning performing arts program has risen above the technical challenges of the current antiquated facility through ingenuity, but students’ hands-on learning has been limited by space, equipment, and safety concerns.

• A permanent, elevated technical booth and platforms, which will professionalize the students’ technical theater experience and expand opportunities for creative lighting and staging

• Upgraded acoustics, including sound equipment and sound-absorbing curtains and carpet

• Permanent theatrical lighting, accessible to students to ensure a hands-on experience as students learn lighting design

• New seats to replace the originals from 1963

• Renovated dressing rooms

• Casework installation and painting of the lobby

• Energy-efficiency measures, including insulation, LED lighting, and automatic controls on HVAC




Expanding Athletics Facilities will allow the school to better facilitate and celebrate its athletics program, which now boasts 75% participation among all Middle and Upper School students.

• Enlarged fitness center

• Upgraded and secure locker rooms

• New entrance foyer with trophy cases

• Equipped athletic trainer’s space

• Increased, efficient storage space

• Energy-efficiency measures




Bayard Courtyard Butterfly Playhouse


Well-designed outdoor spaces bring learning to life, fostering healthy physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development.

WT has teamed up with landscape architects, early childhood and elementary educators, and our own students to design new spaces that extend our classrooms to the outdoors and offer more opportunities for actively engaging students in a challenging and inspiring learning process. These transformed spaces will engage our youngest learners in a myriad of activities and projects, from playing soccer on the action court to measuring and testing rainwater runoff from the green roof playhouse … from studying the effect of insects on soil and plants to writing and reading poetry in the green reading alcove … from racing on the trike track to sampling school-grown herbs and vegetables in the tasting circle … from creating original symphonies in the music garden to producing impromptu plays and elaborate stories inspired by a dynamic and compelling environment.

Bayard Street playground
In addition to the important features for young children—sandbox, climbing structure, and a new “trike track”—the Bayard Street playground and outdoor classroom space features a host of learning gardens and a Green Roof Playhouse that children can maintain on their own, cultivating an understanding of the impact of green space on the environment.
Elmsworth Ave Playground
The Ellsworth Avenue playground and outdoor classroom space features new play equipment and an action court that fosters cooperation in team-based, pick-up ball games. More trees, inviting gardens, and flexible outdoor classroom spaces will extend WT’s active learning opportunities.


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