Thank You!

Together, we undertook the biggest endeavor in WT’s history: the campaign to raise $20 million for a smart future.

You responded with generous donations that not only reached our goal, but surpassed it: over $21.5 million raised for these vital accomplishments:

  • Nearly $3 million in endowment for City as Our Campus to actively engage students, deepen learning, and strengthen community ethos
  • Important strides forward to support our faculty through the Talent Initiative: competitive salaries, affordable benefits, and robust resources for professional development
  • A greater ability to welcome promising young people who otherwise would be unable to afford a WT education with an additional $4 million in endowed funds for scholarship
  • The Bears now have a place they proudly call home in the newly renovated Athletics Wing
  • A real theater for our performing arts program, where faculty and students can take their creativity to new heights
  • WT’s youngest students at both campuses are closer to nature as they plan, dig in, and care for the Outdoor Classrooms, and, of course, build their bodies and minds outdoors
  • A greener school, through sustainability enhancements to our 50-year-old Main Building

With your generosity, time, and commitment, YOU did this, and more, for WT. Thank you.

Watch your mailbox and in-box for invitations to special celebratory events this fall!