Record enrollment. National recognition. And a strong reputation for academic excellence, student engagement, and diversity.
These are the hallmarks of WT today.

What comes next? How do we continue our spirit of innovation and transform the school we love today into the one we will be tomorrow?

Informed by a vision to make a great institution even greater, inspired by a legacy of progressive pioneers, and guided by a smart strategic plan, WT is embarking on its biggest endeavor ever. Celebrate WT is a campaign to raise $20 million – for endowment, renovations, operations, and unrestricted use – to create a smart future for WT.

Celebrate WT: Campaign for a smart future
Goal: $20 million

young karolina1. Enhanced Endowment: Investing in Faculty and Students 
    Goal: $7.5 million

Inspired by motivated students, distinguished alumnae/i, and talented faculty, WT is committed to ensuring teaching excellence and a diverse student body.

Great Teaching is the cornerstone of student achievement. WT’s Talent Initiative is designed to optimize student learning by attracting, retaining, developing, and rewarding a uniformly excellent faculty by investing in effective professional development programs and competitive compensation.

Financial Aid is at the heart of WT’s success, including a firm commitment to socioeconomic diversity and one of the most generous aid programs in the country. WT’s engaged, diverse student body has gone on to study at the nation’s most selective colleges and universities.

2. Facility Renovation: Preserving Our Assets
    Goal: $3.2 million

North butterflyEvery day, more than 500 boys and girls stream through the Main Building of WT’s City Campus, which was designed for 350 girls a half-century ago. To ensure the highest quality learning environment, keep pace with our enrollment growth, and achieve sustainability goals, we will upgrade three important, well-used spaces.

Reimagining Playgrounds into engaging outdoor classrooms means WT’s youngest learners can benefit from a well-designed space that not only provides opportunity for gross motor skill and social development, but enhanced academic learning through nature, science, mathematics, literacy, and art. With a green-roof playhouse, shaded gathering spots, a game-friendly action court, relic digs, and gardens focusing on vegetables, butterflies, music and storybooks, the reimagined spaces exemplify best practices in elementary education.

Expanding and Enhancing Athletics Facilities will allow the school to celebrate and improve WT’s athletics program, which now boasts 75% participation among all Middle and Upper School students. A key feature is a new reception space in the athletics complex, where sports achievements can be showcased. Enhancements will address current cramped spaces:

  • Enlarged fitness center
  • Upgraded and secure locker rooms
  • New entrance foyer with trophy cases
  • Equipped athletic trainer’s space
  • Increased, efficient storage space
  • Energy-efficiency measures


Upgrading Falk Auditorium gives the WT community a true performing arts space. WT’s award-winning theater program has risen above the technical challenges of the current antiquated facility through ingenuity, but students’ hands-on learning has been limited by a space that was designed to be a simple school auditorium in 1963. The renovated Falk Auditorium will include:

  • A permanent, elevated technical booth and platforms, which will professionalize the students’ technical theater experience and expand opportunities for creative lighting and staging
  • Upgraded acoustics, including sound equipment and sound-absorbing curtains and carpet
  • Permanent theatrical lighting, accessible to students to ensure a hands-on experience as students learn lighting design
  • New seats to replace the originals from 1963
  • Renovated dressing rooms
  • Casework installation and painting of the lobby
  • Energy-efficiency measures, including insulation, LED lighting, and automatic controls on HVAC

3. Major Unrestricted Support: An Engine of Innovation

    Goal: $5 million

While WT builds endowment, the  school will still need to be nimble and responsive to opportunities that are critical to our mission.  By seeking unrestricted support, WT will be best able to maximize the impact of every gift, funding immediate operational or capital needs early in the campaign and moving those dollars to endowment as the campaign grows.

Winchester Thurston boys soccer4. The WT Fund and EITC: Ongoing Support for Operations 
    Goal: $4.3 million

Each year, WT’s community of parents, alumnae/i, trustees, faculty, and friends comes together to support the WT Fund. By providing necessary support for the school’s budget, the WT Fund powers the special events, resources, programs, and facilities that make WT a unique, innovative and challenging place to learn and grow.

In addition, businesses in our community come forward each year though Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) to support financial aid at Winchester Thurston. This program is not only smart for business, it provides motivated, curious young people with access to a WT education, opening new opportunities for their futures and their lives.

Join us and Celebrate WT

While the WT community has never taken on an effort this big, bold efforts are at our very core. Our founders were pioneers and innovators. And today, in the midst of an educational revolution, we’re preparing our students for a world marked by vast, unpredictable change.

This is our time, our legacy, our campaign for a smart future. Join us and celebrate WT.

If you would like to learn more about how you can support the Celebrate WT campaign, please contact the Advancement Office at (412) 578-7523, or email Maura Farrell, Associate Head for External Affairs, at