Celebrate WT’s Big Finish: Auditorium takes center stage

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theaterWith the Big Finish for the Celebrate WT capital campaign in full swing, Winchester Thurston School today announced that the Board of Trustees has approved a major renovation to Falk Auditorium.

The renovation was designed by MacLachlan, Cornelius & Filoni Architects, Inc. who also designed the Upper School and the Athletics Wing. Jendoco, the construction company that built the Main Building in 1963, has been selected to perform the renovation which includes:

Auditorium Control Booth

• A permanent, elevated technical booth and platforms, which will professionalize the students’ technical theater experience and expand opportunities for creative lighting and staging

• Upgraded acoustics, including sound equipment and sound-absorbing curtains and carpet

• Permanent theatrical lighting, accessible to students to ensure a hands-on experience as students learn lighting design

• New seats to replace the originals from 1963

• Renovated dressing rooms

• Casework installation and painting of the lobby

• Energy-efficiency measures, including insulation, LED lighting, and automatic controls on HVAC

The renovation comes at a time when the performing arts program is enjoying extraordinary success. The recent Upper School play, The Laramie Project, provided students with thought-provoking theater that mirrored current social justice events, broadening the experience beyond the learning on the stage.

“The growth that I’ve experienced in the performing arts program during my tenure at WT has been astounding,” said Barb Holmes, performing arts teacher. “There has always been a keen understanding of how valuable this aspect of education is, and our students have achieved at the highest levels despite aging facilities. They are thrilled that this renovation has been approved.”

Part of WT’s $20 million Celebrate WT capital campaign, the auditorium renovation project will cost approximately $1.4 million and will begin in June with completion in September.